Discover Martinique’s sea-beds in see-through kayaks

Martinique and its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters have an endless charm for tourists. Just imagine that you can visit the island’s sea-beds while taking unique and exclusive photos – all this without even getting wet. Yes, this is not just a mere dream anymore. The underwater fauna and flora can now be observed without any disturbance caused to the marine world thanks to the presence of the Molokini in the West Indies.  Remember that name, Molokini, and mark it down as an activity to be experienced at all costs during your visit in Martinique.

Molokini – a new concept

The Molokini is nothing more than a transparent, light and resistant canoe, or kayak. The idea comes from Brian Trenhall who created it out of polymer and tried it out in Hawaii’s most stunning bays. Actually, his main objective was to create a different means of observing the submarine world without disrupting the ecosystem. This is a done deal now as the Molokini is reaching several bays across the world. It is a sporting activity since it involves paddling just like in kayaking and at the same time it is an eco-touristic activity as we can admire sea-beds. The Molokini is a unique and pleasant activity for tourists who want to make the most of their visit by discovering Martinique’s splendors in a different way while remaining an eco-citizen.

Turquoise Tourism – A different way of exploring ocean floors.

The Molokini has given birth to another form of tourism: “The turquoise tourism”.  It allows the exploration of the ocean bed without touching or disturbing it, which also means that the fauna and flora are preserved in all their natural state. In other words, the Molokini is an ecological way of protecting the submarine environment while discovering and practicing a sport – an activity aimed at sport lovers and those who love the marine world.

When you embark on a Molokini, you will slowly glide on the surface of the clear water, you will sail to magnificent places that are hardly accessible by other means, and you will have the luxury of admiring the coast, the coral reefs, the exotic fish, the mangrove trees and their very own ecosystem and all this while taking photos as souvenirs of this unforgettable experience.

Fleurdo is the sole agent of Molokini in Martinique and soon in Saint-Lucia as well. There’s a departure point in Pointe Chaudière in Le Vauclin; the trip lasts three hours and a half and includes clear and precise information on the surroundings as well as a very much appreciated involvement of the guides.

On top of this, the presence of Pascal SAFFACHE, a distinguished geographer has given to this eco-touristic and sporting activity an air of a fun outdoor conference. We have really liked this activity with all its exciting information as well as the well deserved accras and the Planteur cocktail renamed “Fleur d’eau” by the team.



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