Bob Marley Museum – Jamaica

Just 29 years ago, the world lost the Jamaican artist, Bob Marley, to cancer. It is thanks to this giant of the music world that Jamaica is known the world over, that reggae music has established itself next to rock music and that the Rastafarian movement has spread its wings. To this day, his music is still well appreciated by the younger generations. An account of his story, his path and his life is to be found at the Bob Marley Museum.
The Bob Marley Museum is found on the site of the house of the legendary reggae man, a superb residence with an architecture dating back to the 19th century that he bought in 1975. Bob Marley lived in this house until his death in 1981. Six years later, it was converted into a museum by his wife Rita Marley. The museum has gathered all of Bob Marley’s personal belongings as well as his assets; you will explore all the aspects of his life.
There is also a photo gallery as well as a shop selling all kinds of articles such as T-shirts, posters, CDs and other memorabilia, all to the effigy of Bob Marley. Also, products relating to Jamaica are sold there and the Café Legend will welcome you with delicious meals in case you are feeling hungry.
For your information, the entrance fee at the Bob Marley museum is 20 USD for non-resident adults and 10 USD for non-resident children. Residents pay JA $500 for adults and JA $250 for children. The tour takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Bob Marley Museum
56 Hope Road, Kingston
Jamaica, West Indies
Tel: (876) 927-9152
Fax: (876) 978-4906
Open from Monday to Saturday as from 9.30 am


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