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Trinidad and Tobago

Of all the Caribbean Islands, Trinidad and Tobago is the most southern country.  White sandy beaches, coconut trees, Rum & Coke and Carnival! While Trinidad is known for its spectacular carnivals, Tobago is host to an array of various species of animals and vegetation. Diving enthusiasts will marvel at the sea beds filled with all types of fish and corals whilst the natural beauty of the land will dazzle anyone.

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Carnival tradition

Let’s start with a bit of history: The carnival’s traditions root way back in the past. The discovery of “The man in the mask” in the caves of Trois Frères in Ariège in France date back 15000 to 10000 years before Jesus Christ. This goes to show that the traditions linked to the carnival are nearly as ancient as Man himself. When it comes to the Caribbean carnival, it was

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