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The Schoelcher Library

The Schoelcher Library was built in Le Jardin des Tuileries in Paris in 1887 for the sole purpose of getting Parisians to see it. It then reached its final destination bit by bit by boat in Fort de France. There is not much left of the 10000 original works, which were mainly European classics or legal books left by Victor Schoelcher to Martinique. Burnt or stolen during the fire that

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There is no better proof of the Creole way of life than Clement House (Habitation Clement) which keeps on attracting tourists with its typical architecture reminiscent of houses of the 18th century West Indies. The locals are also attached to the house and see it as an ageless place whose authenticity needs to be preserved. The house, perched on a hill, is surrounded – as per the customs of the

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