Richard Branson’s submarine

Richard Branson is the famous British billionaire and CEO of Virgin. Here’s a little glimpse of what made his reputation: to name just a few, he owns a mobile phone company, a music label, many high-end restaurants, his very own airline, a rail company, a private island in the Caribbean (Necker Island), a luxury catamaran (Necker Belle) etc. Nevertheless what remains the most impressive is the Virgin Galactic, a tourist spatial project involving a space shuttle designed by Starck. And his last project was the Necker Nymph for an exploration that goes even further deep.

What exactly is the Necker Nymph?

The Necker Nymph is a submarine built by Graham Hawkes for Hawkes Ocean Technologies. This submarine is slightly different from those that normally use ballasts; this is truly a “submarine jet” which uses the same modus operandi as fighter planes. This vehicle made of carbon fiber with little wings and a cockpit similar to that of a plane and a joystick to maneuver it will transform you into a real James Bond ready for loops and other under-water aerobatics. On the way, you will certainly visit ancient shipwrecks, observe numerous animal species, and even explore unknown abysses.

This tourist attraction lying nearly 3000 meters deep is obviously proposed by the fabulously rich Richard Branson, who is already in possession of the Necker Nymph prototype, docked on his private island since last year. The cost of this little adventure: 20000 $ for a week along with a stay on the billionaire’s island (Necker Island) or on his magnificent catamaran (Necker Belle). Indeed, Richard Branson is firmly turned towards the tourism of the future. With yesterday’s space tourism and today’s submarine tourism, do we need to consider a new tourist project in the centre of the earth for tomorrow? Since the famous writer and visionary Jules Verne already imagined it, why not leave the rest to the unstoppable Richard Branson…


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